FREE 90 Minute Training with Alex Tripod


A FREE 90 Minute 'MANIFESTATION MASTERY' Training + 5D New Earth Activation


In this EPIC 90 Minute Training you will Learn:

  •  A 10 minute 3D > 5D ACTIVATION where you embody the version of you who vibrates in the new earth
  • ​ How to UNPLUG form lower-realm money $$$$ and call in HIGHER REALM MONEY $$$$
  • ​ How to unlock your unique soul codes (your superpowers) and STAND OUT in the marketplace
  • ​How to UNPLUG from the 3D MATRIX and SHIFT and shift into your highest most abundant timeline
  • ​What a wormhole is and how to SHIFT through on RAPIDLY & gracefully into your NEW REALITY
  • ​The 3 KEY ELEMENTS to create 100X personal accelerated results in any area of your life!!!

So if you’re ready to Unlock Your Multidimensionality – and choose to journey into the 5th dimension, LETS GO!!!

We Are Shifting to a New Earth and Starting to 'WAKE UP'...

Put simply, as we are 'wake up', our cells begin to vibrate faster, which shifts the reality we live in. We are ascending to a 5D world, which is a higher expression!!! 

A higher frequency of what we call reality!!!

To be an multidimensional being means you're starting to remember MORE 
of who you really are. 

An eternal soul. 
A vibrational being having a human experience.  

And from this KNOWING, we're able to shift so rapidly.
And our manifestations become so much faster and more precise.

And when we start to wake up and remember our multidimensionality, this is where we start to access our unique soul gifts and experience things like instant manifestation!

So, if you're ready for your life to get BOOMSHAKALAKA magical, please watch this free 90 minute training!

About Alex Tripod

Quantum Business & Manifestation coach

International Speaker & #1 Best Selling Author, Alex Tripod has one mission: to raise the vibration of humanity on a global scale and unplug millions of beautiful souls OUT of the 3D Matrix and into the 5th Dimension...

...where 'I get paid abundantly by being authentically me' grounded in divine service is a reality that gets to be experienced by ALL!

Alex cuts through the fluff as she gives powerful, tangible tools on how quantum shift realities - beautifully blending science & spirituality.
She’s worked with thousands of people around the globe, toured Australia multiple times with her powerful workshops ‘Raise Your Vibration’ and ‘The Subatomic Shift’ and is the creator of ‘The Subatomic Shift Mastermind’ where she helps game-changers and visionaries NEXT-LEVEL their income, impact, freedom and self-expression.

Alex is also the creator of ‘LOVE WINS’- a galactic music concert which is dedicated to shift the collective consciousness into love through self-expression and creative performance.
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