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So you've tried affirmations, visualisations, meditations, vision boards, WHAT NOT, THE WHOLE LOT! And you're getting frustrated from not seeing any real massive results? I hear you LOUD & CLEAR. 
Read on.
My name is Alex Tripod
and to be quite honest there was nothing 'wrong' with my life… 
I didn’t HATE my job or my lifestyle, but I was constantly searching for more. It was like I had ants in my pants. There was a deep sense of something missing. I was so obsessed with manifesting, positive thinking, the Law of Attraction, Energy & Vibrations and I was on that constant search for something that was finally going to WORK!
Tired of not seeing results?
I get it.. being in that space of frustration... and I can honestly say that doing this manifesting process completely changed the game for me. I got REALLY clear & specific on what I wanted for my future for the first time EVER... and within 2 weeks of finishing this Manifesting process, my life was rapidly changing before my eyes. LITERALLY - people, situations, circumstances and events started flowing into my reality with divine timing, making my dreams very quickly come to fruition.
I went from someone who was not fulfilled in their 9-5 job as an Accountant, to following my dreams, my passion, my purpose - and becoming a manifesting coach and running a success business with dream clients! 
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Still skeptical?
The science behind this process: By getting clear on what you want and doing this process, you are actually activating you RAS (Reticular Activating System) which then sets it's focus on attracting the situations, conversations, people, circumstances and events to give you the opportunity to set your desires into motion!

...It is from these opportunities that you then take INSPIRED action to manifest your desire & actualise it.
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