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“Working with Alex changed our life!!!!! 

We had so many goals, so many dreams, so many visions but had no idea how to manifest them!!We met up with Alex in person on the Gold Coast and were absolutely drawn to her vibrant energy and positivity. She was the missing piece we needed.

She helped us shift from 30k months to 100k months.

She helped us work on blocks we had with money, business, mindset, self confidence, marketing - EVERYTHING! 

She showed us how to level up to a level we had no idea we could even achieve! 

Huge shout out to Alex! If you're thinking of working with her, I wouldn’t think twice!”

-Brent & Molly
The Lifestyle Hustlers

Since stepping into this rockstars vortex it’s like the missing piece has fallen into place.

Kaching!!! Boom!!! KAPOW!!!

I have stepped fully into empowerment, my self-confidence is peaking and God damn I manifest in a higher realm!

I am unable to express just how profoundly I have shifted into manifesting Queen!

With my personal frequency and codes and Alex Tripod codes, FUCK!! My life is transforming and this has been in only a month!

The rituals I have learnt from her, the ability to manifest on demand! Couple with my self belief I truly am becoming a force to be reckoned with!

In a month I have manifested:
 - Over 15K
 - A new glorious home ((effortlessly))
 - Gorgeous soulmate clients

I am beyond Grateful for her codes and thank the Universe for sending This glorious Rockstar Manifesting Queen my way!

Thank you Alex! You are indeed my missing piece!

- Jasmine Faith

“When I started working with Alex 12 months ago, I never would have dreamed to have achieved and be achieving the things I am now.
The tools and lessons that I have learnt and implemented have turned me into the most magical and powerful version of myself.

I have achieved flow state in so many areas of my life, my business has exploded beyond what I am able to handle, I have a 3 month waiting list of people wanting to work with me, I have attracted so much love into my life, I have so much confidence, so much magic, my whole life is just LIT!!! Everyone around me has noticed.
I feel really sorry for the version of myself who decided to not invest in working with Alex and to keep working it all out for himself.
Thank you so much you magical fucking sorcerer Queen!! Forever grateful.”

- Sean Collyns
& Spiritual Teacher

As soon as you say ‘YES’ to this container, the journey begins. And you start to receive upgrades and codes in the quantum to prepare you.

You will receive powerful Money & Wealth Activators to start on as soon as you join.

We then start off with a big bang: a 4-Day LIVE event, where we literally get together and spend 4-days shifting, recoding, upgrading your personal energetic frequency (PEF) and activating you even deeper for you to shift into your highest and most abundant & aligned timeline.

After these 4 days together, you will be in the container with me for 4 months of integration & mastery, receiving additional tools and full integration support to ensure you embody all the upgrades and shift gracefully into your new reality.

So, if you’re ready to take this journey I’d love to personally chat with you to see if this is in alignment.

Alex xx

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> $45 per week

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