Are you ready to resign from your unconscious wealth identity and ACTIVATE your highest timeline of divine abundance, divine impact, divine service & divine freedom?
Let me ask you this…

Do you ever feel like you’re going 2 steps forwards, one step backwards? 🚶🏻‍♂️🏃🚶🏼‍♀️

OR one step forward, 2 steps backwards? 🤦🏻🤦🏻‍♀️

In other words, stuck in your manifesting rut car? 🚗

OR no matter what you do you seem to be attracting people into your business that don’t have that fire or that hunger or ability to implement and you feel like you’re always having to rescue them.

This is most likely because you’re unconscious wealth role is what's dictating your behaviour, actions & what you're feeling 95% of the time!

And these roles, or masks, or 'identities', are the ones that have us stuck in the wormhole.

You're wanting to SHIFT into a new reality, however thighs requires a NEW IDENTITY.

And, there are 12 main unconscious wealth identities that are playing out in humanity right now.

These are:

And this is affecting your everything.

Your sales, or lack of, your relationship with money, your ability to take action, your level of self-belief, and it even affects the type of clients or leads you attract into your business.

This is some of the deepest work I do with my subatomic shifters. 🌏🌟

So, this is your call to adventure…..

Are You Ready To Lead The Way In Evolution And Activate Your Divine Abundance & Influence More Than Ever Before?
Get the 4-Step 
'Upgrade Your Wealth Identity' Process NOW

What's the 4-step process?

Step 1: Identify Unconscious Wealth Role(s) that is holding you back

Step 2: Resign from role(s) 
+ Call back your power process!

Step 3: Define & UPGRADE to your 

Step 4: Emotionally condition yourself to your 
NEW WEALTH IDENTITY with powerful MILLION DOLLAR ROUTINE & RITUALS to help SHIFT you into your new reality with ease & grace!
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About Alex Tripod
International Speaker, #1 Best Selling Author and Quantum Business and Manifestation Coach, Alex Tripod has been obsessed with anything and everything manifesting, Law of Attraction and vibration her entire life!

Alex is a big believer that when you finally allow yourself to immerse yourself in the very thing you’ve been secretly obsessed with your whole life, then life explodes. Alex's soul's mission is to raise the vibration of humanity on a global living a life of abundance is the NORM! She does this by giving people real and practical tools so that they can become the powerful creators of their own reality.

Alex has worked with thousands of people to help them master business and manifestation – resulting in more money, epic love, financial freedom, business growth, better health, stronger mindsets, more clients, you name it!

The Subatomic Shift is for the ones that dare to live an extraordinary lifestyle, are 100% committed and inspired by their dreams, that take massive action and know the value of investing in themselves.

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